Requirements Management

With requirements, you can set criteria to check your products against. They can be based on users, stakeholders, system, software, or anything else you find important to capture.

A requirement is an artifact in GitLab which describes the specific behavior of your product. Requirements are long-lived and don’t disappear unless manually cleared.

If an industry standard requires that your application has a certain feature or behavior, you can create a requirement to reflect this. When a feature is no longer necessary, you can archive the related requirement.

For an overview, see GitLab 12.10 Introduces Requirements Management.

requirements list view

Create a requirement

A paginated list of requirements is available in each project, and there you can create a new requirement.

To create a requirement:

  1. From your project page, go to Requirements.
  2. Click New requirement.
  3. Enter a descriptive title and click Create requirement.

You will see the newly created requirement on the top of the list, as the requirements list is sorted by creation date in descending order.

requirement create view

Edit a requirement

You can edit a requirement (if you have the necessary privileges) from the requirements list page.

To edit a requirement:

  1. From the requirements list, click Edit ().
  2. Update the title in text input field.
  3. Click Save changes.

requirement edit view

Archive a requirement

You can archive an open requirement (if you have the necessary privileges) while you’re in the Open tab.

From the requirements list page, click Archive ().

requirement archive view

As soon as a requirement is archived, it no longer appears in the Open tab.

Reopen a requirement

You can view the list of archived requirements in the Archived tab.

archived requirements list

To reopen an archived requirement, click Reopen.

As soon as a requirement is reopened, it no longer appears in the Archived tab.

Search for a requirement from the requirements list page

Version history

You can search for a requirement from the list of requirements using filtered search bar (similar to that of Issues and Merge Requests) based on following parameters:

  • Title
  • Author username

To search, go to the list of requirements and click the field Search or filter results. It will display a dropdown menu, from which you can add an author. You can also enter plain text to search by epic title or description. When done, press Enter on your keyboard to filter the list.

You can also sort requirements list by:

  • Created date
  • Last updated