GitLab Workflow extension for VS Code

The GitLab Workflow extension integrates GitLab with Visual Studio Code. You can decrease context switching and do more day-to-day tasks in Visual Studio Code, such as:

Download the extension

Download the extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Configure the extension

After you download the extension you can configure:

Code Suggestions (Closed Beta)

Introduced in GitLab 15.9 as Closed Beta.

This feature is in Closed Beta. To request to join the Closed Beta, fill out this form.

Code Suggestions empower your developers to code more efficiently by suggesting code as they type. Depending on the cursor position, the extension either:

  • Provides entire code snippets, like generating functions.
  • Completes the current line.

Developers can press Tab</tab> to accept suggestions.

Code Suggestions support the following languages with the highest confidence:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • Python

Suggestions may be mixed for other languages.

Enable Code Suggestions


To enable Code Suggestions in VS Code:

  1. Download and configure the GitLab Workflow extension for Visual Studio Code.
  2. In GitLab: Add Account to VS Code on Mac, add your GitLab work account to the VS Code extension:
    • In macOS, press Shift + Command + P.
    • In Windows, press Shift + Control + P
  3. Provide your GitLab instance URL. A default is provided.
  4. Provide your personal access token.
  5. After your GitLab account connects successfully, in the left sidebar, select Extensions.
  6. Find the GitLab workflow extension, and select Settings ().
  7. Enable GitLab › AI Assisted Code Suggestions.

Start typing and receive suggestions for your GitLab projects.

Report issues with the extension

Report any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the gitlab-vscode-extension issue queue.