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Milestones in GitLab are a way to track issues and merge requests created to achieve a broader goal in a certain period of time.

Milestones allow you to organize issues and merge requests into a cohesive group, with an optional start date and an optional due date.

Project milestones and group milestones

  • Project milestones can be assigned to issues or merge requests in that project only.
  • Group milestones can be assigned to any issue or merge request of any project in that group.
  • In the future, you will be able to assign group milestones to issues and merge reqeusts of projects in subgroups.

Creating milestones

Note: A permission level of Developer or higher is required to create milestones.

New project milestone

To create a project milestone, navigate to Issues > Milestones in the project.

Click the New milestone button. Enter the title, an optional description, an optional start date, and an optional due date. Click Create milestone to create the milestone.

New project milestone

New group milestone

To create a group milestone, follow similar steps from above to project milestones. Navigate to Issues > Milestones in the group and create it from there.

New group milestone

Editing milestones

Note: A permission level of Developer or higher is required to edit milestones.

You can update a milestone by navigating to Issues > Milestones in the project or group and clicking the Edit button.

You can delete a milestone by clicking the Delete button.

Promoting project milestones to group milestones

If you are expanding from a few projects to a larger number of projects within the same group, you may want to share the same milestone among multiple projects in the same group. If you previously created a project milestone and now want to make it available for other milestones, you can promote it to a group milestone.

From the project milestone list page, you can promote a project milestone to a group milestone. This will merge all project milestones across all projects in this group with the same name into a single group milestones. All issues and merge requests that previously were assigned one of these project milestones will now be assigned the new group milestones. This action cannot be reversed and the changes are permanent.

Note: Not all features on the project milestone view are available on the group milestone view. If you promote a project milestone to a group milestone, you will lose these features. See Milestone view to see which features are missing from the group milestone view.

Promote milestone

Assigning milestones from the sidebar

Every issue and merge request can be assigned a milestone. The milestones are visible on every issue and merge request page, in the sidebar. They are also visible in the issue board. From the sidebar, you can assign or unassign a milestones to the object. You can also perform this as a quick action in a comment. As mentioned, for a given issue or merge request, both project milestones and group milestones can be selected and assigned to the object.

Filtering issues and merge requests by milestone

Filtering in list pages

From the project issue/merge request list pages and the group issue/merge request list pages, you can filter by both group milestones and project milestones.

Filtering in issue boards

Special milestone filters

When filtering by milestone, in addition to choosing a specific project milestone or group milestone, you can choose a special milestone filter.

  • No Milestone: Show issues or merge requests with no assigned milestone.
  • Upcoming: Show issues or merge requests that have been assigned the open milestone that has the next upcoming due date (i.e. nearest due date in the future).
  • Started: Show issues or merge requests that have an assigned milestone with a start date that is before today.

Milestone view

Not all features in the project milestone view are available in the group milestone view. This table summarizes the differences:

Feature Project milestone view Group milestone view
Title an description
Issues assigned to milestone
Merge requests assigned to milestone
Participants and labels used
Percentage complete
Start date and due date
Total issue time spent
Total issue weight
Burndown chart

The milestone view shows the title and description.

Project milestone features

These features are only available for project milestones and not group milestones.

  • Issues assigned to the milestone are displayed in three columns: Unstarted issues, ongoing issues, and completed issues.
  • Merge requests assigned to the milestone are displayed in four columns: Work in progress merge requests, waiting for merge, rejected, and closed.
  • Participants and labels that are used in issues and merge requests that have the milestone assigned are displayed.
  • Burndown chart.

Burndown Charts

For project milestones only, and in GitLab Starter, a burndown chart is in the milestone view, showing the progress of completing a milestone.

burndown chart

A burndown chart will be shown in group milestones in the future.

Milestone sidebar

The milestone sidebar on the milestone view shows the following:

  • Percentage complete, which is calculated as number of closed issues plus number of closed/merged merge requests divided by total number issues and merge requests.
  • The start date and due date.
  • The total time spent on all issues that have the milestone assigned.

For project milestones only, the milestone sidebar shows the total issue weight of all issues that have the milestone assigned.

Project milestone page

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