GitLab Duo Chat troubleshooting

When working with GitLab Duo Chat, you might encounter the following issues.

The GitLab Duo Chat button is not displayed

If the button is not visible in the upper-right of the UI, ensure GitLab Duo Chat is enabled.

The GitLab Duo Chat button is not displayed on personal projects, as well as groups and projects with GitLab Duo features disabled.

After you enable GitLab Duo Chat, it might take a few minutes for the button to appear.

This feature is only allowed in groups or projects that enable this feature

This error occurs when you ask about resources that do have GitLab Duo disabled.

If any of the settings are not enabled, information about resources (like issues, epics, and merge requests) in the group or project cannot be processed by GitLab Duo Chat.

I am sorry, I am unable to find what you are looking for

This error occurs when you ask GitLab Duo Chat about resources you don’t have access to, or about resources that do not exist.

Try again, asking about resources you have access to.

I'm sorry, I can't find the answer, but it's my fault, not yours. Please try something different

This is a fallback error that occurs when there is a problem with GitLab Duo Chat. Please try your request again, or leave feedback to help us improve.