This page contains information about the settings that are used on, available to GitLab SaaS customers.

See some of these settings on the instance configuration page of

Password requirements has the following requirements for passwords on new accounts and password changes:

  • Minimum character length 8 characters.
  • Maximum character length 128 characters.
  • All characters are accepted. For example, ~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (), [], _, +, =, and -.

SSH key restrictions uses the default SSH key restrictions.

SSH host keys fingerprints

Below are the fingerprints for SSH host keys on The first time you connect to a repository, one of these keys is displayed in the output.

Algorithm MD5 (deprecated) SHA256
ED25519 2e:65:6a:c8:cf:bf:b2:8b:9a:bd:6d:9f:11:5c:12:16 eUXGGm1YGsMAS7vkcx6JOJdOGHPem5gQp4taiCfCLB8
RSA b6:03:0e:39:97:9e:d0:e7:24:ce:a3:77:3e:01:42:09 ROQFvPThGrW4RuWLoL9tq9I9zJ42fK4XywyRtbOz/EQ
DSA (deprecated) 7a:47:81:3a:ee:89:89:64:33:ca:44:52:3d:30:d4:87 p8vZBUOR0XQz6sYiaWSMLmh0t9i8srqYKool/Xfdfqw
ECDSA f1:d0:fb:46:73:7a:70:92:5a:ab:5d:ef:43:e2:1c:35 HbW3g8zUjNSksFbqTiUWPWg2Bq1x8xdGUrliXFzSnUw

SSH known_hosts entries

Add the following to .ssh/known_hosts to skip manual fingerprint confirmation in SSH: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIAfuCHKVTjquxvt6CM6tdG4SLp1Btn/nOeHHE5UOzRdf ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCsj2bNKTBSpIYDEGk9KxsGh3mySTRgMtXL583qmBpzeQ+jqCMRgBqB98u3z++J1sKlXHWfM9dyhSevkMwSbhoR8XIq/U0tCNyokEi/ueaBMCvbcTHhO7FcwzY92WK4Yt0aGROY5qX2UKSeOvuP4D6TPqKF1onrSzH9bx9XUf2lEdWT/ia1NEKjunUqu1xOB/StKDHMoX4/OKyIzuS0q/T1zOATthvasJFoPrAjkohTyaDUz2LN5JoH839hViyEG82yB+MjcFV5MU3N1l1QL3cVUCh93xSaua1N85qivl+siMkPGbO5xR/En4iEY6K2XPASUEMaieWVNTRCtJ4S8H+9 ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHAyNTYAAAAIbmlzdHAyNTYAAABBBFSMqzJeV9rUzU4kWitGjeR4PWSa29SPqJ1fVkhtj3Hw9xjLVXVYrU9QlYWrOLXBpQ6KWjbjTDTdDkoohFzgbEY=

Mail configuration sends emails from the domain by using Mailgun, and has its own dedicated IP addresses:


The IP addresses for are subject to change at any time.

Service Desk custom mailbox

On, there’s a mailbox configured for Service Desk with the email address: contact-project+%{key} To use this mailbox, configure the custom suffix in project settings.


See our backup strategy.

To back up an entire project on, you can export it either:

With exports, be aware of what is and is not included in a project export.

GitLab is built on Git, so you can back up just the repository of a project by cloning it to another computer. Similarly, you can clone a project’s wiki to back it up. All files uploaded after August 22, 2020 are included when cloning.

Delayed project deletion

Top-level groups created after August 12, 2021 have delayed project deletion enabled by default. Projects are permanently deleted after a seven-day delay.

If you are on:

  • Premium tier and above, you can disable this by changing the group setting.
  • Free tier, you cannot disable this setting or restore projects.

Inactive project deletion

Inactive project deletion is disabled on

Alternative SSH port can be reached by using a different SSH port for git+ssh.

Setting Value
Port 443

An example ~/.ssh/config is the following:

  User git
  Port 443
  PreferredAuthentications publickey
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/gitlab

GitLab Pages

Below are the settings for GitLab Pages.

Setting Default
Domain name -
IP address -
Custom domains support Yes No
TLS certificates support Yes No
Maximum size (compressed) 1 GB 100 MB

The maximum size of your Pages site is also regulated by the artifacts maximum size, which is part of GitLab CI/CD.

There are also rate limits set for GitLab Pages.

GitLab CI/CD

Below are the current settings regarding GitLab CI/CD. Any settings or feature limits not listed here are using the defaults listed in the related documentation.

Setting Default (self-managed)
Artifacts maximum size (compressed) 1 GB See Maximum artifacts size
Artifacts expiry time From June 22, 2020, deleted after 30 days unless otherwise specified (artifacts created before that date have no expiry). See Default artifacts expiration
Scheduled Pipeline Cron */5 * * * * See Pipeline schedules advanced configuration
Maximum jobs in active pipelines 500 for Free tier, 1000 for all trial tiers, and unlimited otherwise. See Number of jobs in active pipelines
Maximum CI/CD subscriptions to a project 2 See Number of CI/CD subscriptions to a project
Maximum number of pipeline triggers in a project 25000 for Free tier, Unlimited for all paid tiers See Limit the number of pipeline triggers
Maximum pipeline schedules in projects 10 for Free tier, 50 for all paid tiers See Number of pipeline schedules
Maximum pipelines per schedule 24 for Free tier, 288 for all paid tiers See Limit the number of pipelines created by a pipeline schedule per day
Maximum number of schedule rules defined for each security policy project Unlimited for all paid tiers See Number of schedule rules defined for each security policy project
Scheduled job archiving 3 months (from June 22, 2020). Jobs created before that date were archived after September 22, 2020. Never
Maximum test cases per unit test report 500000 Unlimited
Maximum registered runners Free tier: 50 per-group / 50 per-project
All paid tiers: 1000 per-group / 1000 per-project
See Number of registered runners per scope
Limit of dotenv variables Free tier: 50 / Premium tier: 100 / Ultimate tier: 150 See Limit dotenv variables
Authorization token duration (minutes) 15 To set a custom value, in the Rails console, run ApplicationSetting.last.update(container_registry_token_expire_delay: <integer>), where <integer> is the desired number of minutes.

Package registry limits

The maximum file size for a package uploaded to the GitLab Package Registry varies by format:

Package type
Conan 5 GB
Generic 5 GB
Helm 5 MB
Maven 5 GB
npm: 5 GB
NuGet 5 GB
Terraform 1 GB

Account and limit settings has the following account limits enabled. If a setting is not listed, the default value is the same as for self-managed instances:

Setting default
Repository size including LFS 10 GB
Maximum import size 5 GB
Maximum attachment size 10 MB

If you are near or over the repository size limit, you can either reduce your repository size with Git or purchase additional storage.

git push and GitLab project imports are limited to 5 GB per request through Cloudflare. Git LFS and imports other than a file upload are not affected by this limit. Repository limits apply to both public and private projects.

IP range