Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard gives you the ability to see a group’s Merge Request activity by providing a high-level view for all projects in the group. For example, code approved for merging into production.


To access the Compliance Dashboard for a group, navigate to Security & Compliance > Compliance on the group’s menu.

Compliance Dashboard

Use cases

This feature is for people who care about the compliance status of projects within their group.

You can use the dashboard to:

  • Get an overview of the latest Merge Request for each project.
  • See if Merge Requests were approved and by whom.
  • See Merge Request authors.
  • See the latest CI Pipeline result for each Merge Request.


Approval status and separation of duties

We support a separation of duties policy between users who create and approve Merge Requests. The approval status column can help you identify violations of this policy. Our criteria for the separation of duties is as follows:

The “Approval status” column shows you, at a glance, whether a Merge Request is complying with the above. This column has four states:

State Description
Empty The Merge Request approval status is unknown
Failed The Merge Request does not comply with any of the above criteria
Warning The Merge Request complies with some of the above criteria
Success The Merge Request complies with all of the above criteria

If you do not see the success icon in your Compliance dashboard; please review the above criteria for the Merge Requests project to make sure it complies with the separation of duties described above.