Generate test vulnerabilities

You can generate test vulnerabilities when you work on the Vulnerability Report.

  1. Go to /-/profile/personal_access_tokens and generate a personal access token with api permissions.
  2. Go to your project page and find the project ID. You can find the project ID below the project title.
  3. Open a terminal and go to the gitlab/qa directory.
  4. Run the following command:
GITLAB_QA_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your_personal_access_token> GITLAB_URL="http://localhost:3000" bundle exec rake vulnerabilities:setup\[<your_project_id>,<vulnerability_count>\] --trace

Make sure you do the following:

  • Replace <your_personal_access_token> with the token you generated in step one.
  • Double check the GITLAB_URL. It should point to the running local instance.
  • Replace <your_project_id> with the ID you obtained in step two.
  • Replace <vulnerability_count> with the number of vulnerabilities you’d like to generate.

The script creates the specified amount of vulnerabilities in the project.