Enabling the analyzer

To run a DAST scan:

Create a DAST CI/CD job

  • This template was updated to DAST_VERSION: 3 in GitLab 15.0.
  • This template was updated to DAST_VERSION: 4 in GitLab 16.0.

To add DAST scanning to your application, use the DAST job defined in the GitLab DAST CI/CD template file. Updates to the template are provided with GitLab upgrades, allowing you to benefit from any improvements and additions.

To create the CI/CD job:

  1. Include the appropriate CI/CD template:

    The latest version of the template may include breaking changes. Use the stable template unless you need a feature provided only in the latest template.

    For more information about template versioning, see the CI/CD documentation.

  2. Add a dast stage to your GitLab CI/CD stages configuration.

  3. Define the URL to be scanned by DAST by using one of these methods:

    • Set the DAST_TARGET_URL CI/CD variable. If set, this value takes precedence.

    • Adding the URL in an environment_url.txt file at your project’s root is great for testing in dynamic environments. To run DAST against an application dynamically created during a GitLab CI/CD pipeline, write the application URL to an environment_url.txt file. DAST automatically reads the URL to find the scan target.

      You can see an example of this in our Auto DevOps CI YAML.

  4. Set the DAST_BROWSER_SCAN CI/CD variable to "true".

For example:

  - build
  - test
  - deploy
  - dast

  - template: DAST.gitlab-ci.yml

    DAST_TARGET_URL: "https://example.com"