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Usage statistics

GitLab Inc. will periodically collect information about your instance in order to perform various actions.

All statistics are opt-in and you can always disable them from the admin panel.

Version check

GitLab can inform you when an update is available and the importance of it.

No information other than the GitLab version and the instance's domain name are collected.

In the Overview tab you can see if your GitLab version is up to date. There are three cases: 1) you are up to date (green), 2) there is an update available (yellow) and 3) your version is vulnerable and a security fix is released (red).

In any case, you will see a message informing you of the state and the importance of the update.

If enabled, the version status will also be shown in the help page (/help) for all signed in users.

Usage data

Introduced in GitLab Enterprise Edition 8.10. More statistics were added in GitLab Enterprise Edition 8.12.

GitLab Inc. can collect non-sensitive information about how Enterprise Edition customers use their GitLab instance upon the activation of a ping feature located in the admin panel (/admin/application_settings).

You can see the exact JSON payload that your instance sends to GitLab Inc. in the "Usage statistics" section of the admin panel.

Nothing qualitative is collected. Only quantitative. Meaning, no project name, author name, nature of comments, name of labels, etc.

This is done mainly for the following reasons:

The total number of the following is sent back to GitLab Inc.:

Also, we track if you've installed Mattermost with GitLab. For example: "mattermost_enabled":true".

Privacy policy

GitLab Inc. does not collect any sensitive information, like project names or the content of the comments. GitLab Inc. does not disclose or otherwise make available any of the data collected on a customer specific basis.

Read more in about the Privacy policy.