GitLab Dedicated

GitLab Dedicated is currently in limited availability. Contact us if you are interested.

GitLab Dedicated is a fully isolated, single-tenant SaaS service that is:

  • Hosted and managed by GitLab, Inc.
  • Deployed in a region of choice on AWS.

GitLab Dedicated enables you to offload the operational overhead of managing the DevOps Platform. It offers a high level of tenant isolation and deployment customization, ideal for enterprises in highly-regulated industries. By deploying your GitLab instance onto separate Cloud Infrastructure from other tenants, GitLab Dedicated helps you better meet your security and compliance requirements.

Available features

  • Authentication: Support for instance-level SAML OmniAuth functionality. GitLab Dedicated acts as the service provider, and you must provide the necessary configuration in order for GitLab to communicate with your IdP. This is provided during onboarding. SAML request signing is supported.
  • Networking:
    • Public connectivity with support for IP Allowlists. During onboarding, you can optionally specify a list of IP addresses that can access your Dedicated instance. Subsequently, when an IP not on the allowlist tries to access your instance the connection will be refused.
    • Optional. Private connectivity via AWS PrivateLink. You can specify an AWS IAM Principal and preferred Availability Zones during onboarding to enable this functionality. Both Ingress and Egress Private Links are supported. When connecting to an internal service running in your VPC over https via PrivateLink, Dedicated supports the ability to use a private SSL certificate, which can be provided during onboarding.
  • Upgrades:
    • Monthly upgrades tracking one release behind the latest (n-1), with the latest security release.
    • Out of band security patches provided for high severity releases.
  • Backups: regular backups taken and tested.
  • Choice of cloud region: upon onboarding, choose the cloud region where you want to deploy your instance. Some AWS regions have limited features and as a result, we are not able to deploy production instances to those regions. See below for the full list of regions not currently supported.
  • Security: Data encrypted at rest and in transit using latest encryption standards.
  • Application: Self-managed Ultimate feature set with the exception of the unsupported features listed below.

Features not available at launch

Features that are not available but we plan to support in the future:

  • LDAP, Smartcard, Kerberos authentication
  • Custom domain
  • Advanced Search
  • Pages
  • GitLab-managed runners
  • FortiAuthenticator/FortiToken 2FA
  • Reply-by email
  • Service Desk

Features that we do not plan to offer at all:

  • Mattermost
  • Server-side Git Hooks

AWS regions not supported

The following AWS regions are not available at launch:

  • Jakarta (ap-southeast-3)
  • Bahrain (me-south-1)
  • Hong Kong (ap-east-1)
  • Cape Town (af-south-1)
  • Milan (eu-south-1)
  • Paris (eu-west-3)
  • GovCloud

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