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GitLab Pivotal Tile

Introduced in GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium 8.2.

Easily deploy GitLab as a pre-configured appliance using Ops Manager (BOSH) for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Enterprise admins want their development toolkit to be more customizable, more integrated, and more secure. With Pivotal Cloud Foundry, GitLab is installed and scales easily in a highly available environment.

The upgrades are pain-free and well tested. All it takes is upload the new tile and click a button to begin the upgrade process.

Use cases


The GitLab Pivotal Tile is based on [Enterprise Edition Premium] and includes nearly all of its features. The features in EEP but not supported on the Tile are:

Installing GitLab with Pivotal

The product information and installation documentation is hosted on Pivotal's website:

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