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GitLab Geo SSH access

By default, GitLab manages an authorized_keys file, which contains all the public SSH keys for users allowed to access GitLab. However, to maintain a single source of truth, Geo needs to be configured to perform SSH fingerprint lookups via database lookup. This approach is also much faster than scanning a file.

Note: GitLab 10.0 and higher require database lookups for SSH keys.

Note this feature is only available on operating systems that support OpenSSH 6.9 and above. For CentOS 6, see the instructions on building custom version of OpenSSH for your server.

For both primary AND secondary nodes, follow the instructions on configuring SSH authorization via database lookups.

Note that the 'Write to "authorized keys" file' checkbox only needs to be unchecked on the primary node since it will be reflected automatically in the secondary if database replication is working.

Next steps

Now that SSH authorizations are configured to use the database, the next step is to configure GitLab.

➤ GitLab Geo configuration

If you are running GitLab installed from source:

➤ GitLab Geo configuration (source)