GitLab plugin for JetBrains IDEs

The GitLab Duo plugin integrates GitLab Duo Pro with JetBrains IDEs. The marketplace listing provides a full list of supported IDEs.

Supported features

The GitLab Duo plugin for JetBrains IDEs supports:

Download the extension

Download the extension from the JetBrains Plugin Marketplace.

Configure the extension

Instructions for getting started can be found in the project README under setup.

Integrate with 1Password CLI

Tier: Premium, Ultimate Offering:, Self-managed, GitLab Dedicated
  • Introduced in GitLab Duo 2.1 for GitLab 16.11 and later.

You can configure the editor extension to use 1Password secret references for authentication, instead of hard-coding personal access tokens.


To integrate GitLab for JetBrains with the 1Password CLI:

  1. Authenticate with GitLab. Either:
  2. Open the 1Password item.
  3. Copy the secret reference.

    If you use the gitlab 1Password shell plugin, the token is stored as a password under "op://Private/GitLab Personal Access Token/token".

From the IDE:

  1. On the top bar, select Settings.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Tools > GitLab Duo.
  3. Under Advanced:
    1. Select Integrate with 1Password CLI.
    2. Optional. For Secret reference, paste the secret reference you copied from 1Password.
  4. Optional. To verify your credentials, select Verify setup.
  5. Select OK.

Report issues with the extension

Report any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the gitlab-jetbrains-plugin issue queue.