Contribute to UX design

UX Design

These instructions are specifically for those wanting to make UX design contributions to GitLab.

The UX department at GitLab uses Figma for all of its designs, and you can see our Design Repository documentation for details on working with our files.

You may leverage the Pajamas UI Kit in Figma to create mockups for your proposals. However, we will also gladly accept handmade drawings and sketches, wireframes, manipulated DOM screenshots, or prototypes. You can find design resources documentation in our Design System. Use it to understand where and when to use common design solutions.

Contributing to Pajamas

To contribute to Pajamas design system and the UI kit, follow the contribution guidelines documented in the handbook. While the instructions are code-focused, they will help you understand the overall process of contributing.

Contributing to other issues

  1. Review the list of available UX issues that are currently seeking community contribution.
  2. Find an issue that does not have an Assignee to ensure someone else is not working on a solution. Add the ~"workflow::design" and ~"Community contribution" labels and mention @gitlab-com/gitlab-ux/reviewers to request they assign the issue to you.
  3. Add your design proposal to the issue description/design management section. Remember to keep the scope of the proposal/change small following our MVCs guidelines.
  4. If you have any questions or are ready for a review of your proposal, mention @gitlab-com/gitlab-ux/reviewers in a comment to make your request.