Semantic Versioning of Database Records

Semantic Versioning of records in a database introduces complexity when it comes to filtering and sorting. Since the database doesn’t natively understand semantic versions it is necessary to extract the version components to separate columns in the database. The SemanticVersionable module was introduced to make this process easier.

Setup Instructions

In order to use SemanticVersionable you must first create a database migration to add the required columns to your table. The required columns are semver_major, semver_minor, semver_patch, and semver_prerelease. A v prefix can be added to the version by including a column semver_prefixed. An example migration would look like this:

class AddVersionPartsToModelVersions < Gitlab::Database::Migration[2.2]

  milestone '16.9'

  def up
    add_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_major, :integer
    add_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_minor, :integer
    add_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_patch, :integer
    add_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_prerelease, :text
    add_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_prefixed, :boolean, default: false

  def down
    remove_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_major, :integer
    remove_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_minor, :integer
    remove_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_patch, :integer
    remove_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_prerelease, :text
    remove_column :ml_model_versions, :semver_prefixed, :boolean

Once the columns are in the database, you can enable the module by including it in your model. For example:

module Ml
  class ModelVersion < ApplicationRecord
    include SemanticVersionable

The module is configured to validate a semantic version by default.


The concern provides two scopes to sort by semantic versions:

scope :order_by_semantic_version_desc, -> { order(semver_major: :desc, semver_minor: :desc, semver_patch: :desc)}
scope :order_by_semantic_version_asc, -> { order(semver_major: :asc, semver_minor: :asc, semver_patch: :asc)}

Filtering and Searching