Project Repository Storage Moves

This document was created to help contributors understand the code design of project repository storage moves. Read this document before making changes to the code for this feature.

This document is intentionally limited to an overview of how the code is designed, as code can change often. To understand how a specific part of the feature works, view the code and the specs. The details here explain how the major components of the Code Owners feature work.

This document should be updated when parts of the codebase referenced in this document are updated, removed, or new parts are added.

Business logic

  • Projects::RepositoryStorageMove: Tracks the move, includes state machine.
    • Defined in app/models/projects/repository_storage_move.rb.
  • RepositoryStorageMovable: Contains the state machine logic, validators, and some helper methods.
    • Defined in app/models/concerns/repository_storage_movable.rb.
  • Project: The project model.
    • Defined in app/models/project.rb.
  • CanMoveRepositoryStorage: Contains helper methods that are into Project.
    • Defined in app/models/concerns/can_move_repository_storage.rb.
  • API::ProjectRepositoryStorageMoves: API class for project repository storage moves.
    • Defined in lib/api/project_repository_storage_moves.rb.
  • Entities::Projects::RepositoryStorageMove: API entity for serializing the Projects::RepositoryStorageMove model.
    • Defined in lib/api/entities/projects/repository_storage_moves.rb.
  • Projects::ScheduleBulkRepositoryShardMovesService: Service to schedule bulk moves.
    • Defined in app/services/projects/schedule_bulk_repository_shard_moves_service.rb.
  • ScheduleBulkRepositoryShardMovesMethods: Generic methods for bulk moves.
    • Defined in app/services/concerns/schedule_bulk_repository_shard_moves_methods.rb.
  • Projects::ScheduleBulkRepositoryShardMovesWorker: Worker to handle bulk moves.
    • Defined in app/workers/projects/schedule_bulk_repository_shard_moves_worker.rb.
  • Projects::UpdateRepositoryStorageWorker: Finds repository storage move and then calls the update storage service.
    • Defined in app/workers/projects/update_repository_storage_worker.rb.
  • UpdateRepositoryStorageWorker: Module containing generic logic for Projects::UpdateRepositoryStorageWorker.
    • Defined in app/workers/concerns/update_repository_storage_worker.rb.
  • Projects::UpdateRepositoryStorageService: Performs the move.
    • Defined in app/services/projects/update_repository_storage_service.rb.
  • UpdateRepositoryStorageMethods: Module with generic methods included in Projects::UpdateRepositoryStorageService.
    • Defined in app/services/concerns/update_repository_storage_methods.rb.
  • Projects::UpdateService: Schedules move if the passed parameters request a move.
    • Defined in app/services/projects/update_service.rb.
  • PoolRepository: Ruby object representing Gitaly ObjectPool.
    • Defined in app/models/pool_repository.rb.
  • ObjectPool::CreateWorker: Worker to create an ObjectPool via Gitaly.
    • Defined in app/workers/object_pool/create_worker.rb.
  • ObjectPool::JoinWorker: Worker to join an ObjectPool via Gitaly.
    • Defined in app/workers/object_pool/join_worker.rb.
  • ObjectPool::ScheduleJoinWorker: Worker to schedule an ObjectPool::JoinWorker.
    • Defined in app/workers/object_pool/schedule_join_worker.rb.
  • ObjectPool::DestroyWorker: Worker to destroy an ObjectPool via Gitaly.
    • Defined in app/workers/object_pool/destroy_worker.rb.
  • ObjectPoolQueue: Module to configure ObjectPool workers.
    • Defined in app/workers/concerns/object_pool_queue.rb.
  • Repositories::ReplicateService: Handles replication of data from one repository to another.
    • Defined in app/services/repositories/replicate_service.rb.


These flowcharts should help explain the flow from the endpoints down to the models for different features.

Schedule a repository storage move via the API

graph TD A[<code>POST /api/:version/project_repository_storage_moves</code>] --> C B[<code>POST /api/:version/projects/:id/repository_storage_moves</code>] --> D C[Schedule move for each project in shard] --> D[Set state to scheduled] D --> E[<code>after_transition callback</code>] E --> F{<code>set_repository_read_only!</code>} F -->|success| H[Schedule repository update worker] F -->|error| G[Set state to failed]

Moving the storage after being scheduled

graph TD A[Repository update worker scheduled] --> B{State is scheduled?} B -->|Yes| C[Set state to started] B -->|No| D[Return success] C --> E{Same filesystem?} E -.-> G[Set project repo to writable] E -->|Yes| F["Mirror repositories (project, wiki, design, & pool)"] G --> H[Update repo storage value] H --> I[Set state to finished] I --> J[Associate project with new pool repository] J --> K[Unlink old pool repository] K --> L[Update project repository storage values] L --> N[Remove old paths if same filesystem] N --> M[Set state to finished]