Navigation sidebar

Follow these guidelines when contributing additions or changes to the redesigned navigation sidebar.

These guidelines reflect the current state of the navigation sidebar. However, the sidebar is a work in progress, and so is this documentation.

Enable the new navigation sidebar

To enable the new navigation sidebar:

  • Enable the super_sidebar_nav feature flag.
  • Select your avatar, then turn on the New navigation toggle.

Adding page-specific Vue content

Pages can render arbitrary content into the sidebar using the SidebarPortal component. Content passed to its default slot is rendered below that page’s navigation items in the sidebar.

Only one instance of this component on a given page is supported. This is to avoid ordering issues and cluttering the sidebar.
Arbitrary content is allowed, but nav items should be implemented by subclassing ::Sidebars::Panel.
Do not use the SidebarPortalTarget component. It is internal to the sidebar.