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Filter is a plugin that allows for filtering data that has been added to the dropdown using a simple fuzzy string search of an input value.


Add the Filter object to the plugins array of a DropLab.prototype.init or DropLab.prototype.addHook call.

  • Filter requires a config value for template.
  • template should be the key of the objects within your data array that you want to compare to the user input string, for filtering.
<input href="#" id="trigger" data-dropdown-trigger="#list">
<ul id="list" data-dropdown data-dynamic>
  <li><a href="#" data-id="{{id}}">{{text}}</a></li>
  const droplab = new DropLab();

  const trigger = document.getElementById('trigger');
  const list = document.getElementById('list');

  droplab.init(trigger, list, [Filter], {
    Filter: {
      template: 'text',

  droplab.addData('trigger', [{
    id: 0,
    text: 'Jacob',
  }, {
    id: 1,
    text: 'Jeff',

Above, the input string will be compared against the test key of the passed data objects.

Optionally you can set filterFunction to a function. This function will be used instead of Filter's built in string search. filterFunction is passed 2 arguments, the first is one of the data objects, the second is the current input value.

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