.gitlab-ci.yml keyword reference

This document lists the configuration options for your GitLab .gitlab-ci.yml file.

When you are editing your .gitlab-ci.yml file, you can validate it with the CI Lint tool.

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A GitLab CI/CD pipeline configuration includes:

  • Global keywords that configure pipeline behavior:

    Keyword Description
    default Custom default values for job keywords.
    include Import configuration from other YAML files.
    stages The names and order of the pipeline stages.
    variables Define CI/CD variables for all job in the pipeline.
    workflow Control what types of pipeline run.
  • Jobs configured with job keywords:

    Keyword Description
    after_script Override a set of commands that are executed after job.
    allow_failure Allow job to fail. A failed job does not cause the pipeline to fail.
    artifacts List of files and directories to attach to a job on success.
    before_script Override a set of commands that are executed before job.
    cache List of files that should be cached between subsequent runs.
    coverage Code coverage settings for a given job.
    dast_configuration Use configuration from DAST profiles on a job level.
    dependencies Restrict which artifacts are passed to a specific job by providing a list of jobs to fetch artifacts from.
    environment Name of an environment to which the job deploys.
    except Control when jobs are not created.
    extends Configuration entries that this job inherits from.
    image Use Docker images.
    inherit Select which global defaults all jobs inherit.
    interruptible Defines if a job can be canceled when made redundant by a newer run.
    needs Execute jobs earlier than the stage ordering.
    only Control when jobs are created.
    pages Upload the result of a job to use with GitLab Pages.
    parallel How many instances of a job should be run in parallel.
    release Instructs the runner to generate a release object.
    resource_group Limit job concurrency.
    retry When and how many times a job can be auto-retried in case of a failure.
    rules List of conditions to evaluate and determine selected attributes of a job, and whether or not it’s created.
    script Shell script that is executed by a runner.
    secrets The CI/CD secrets the job needs.
    services Use Docker services images.
    stage Defines a job stage.
    tags List of tags that are used to select a runner.
    timeout Define a custom job-level timeout that takes precedence over the project-wide setting.
    trigger Defines a downstream pipeline trigger.
    variables Define job variables on a job level.
    when When to run job.

Global keywords

Some keywords are not defined in a job. These keywords control pipeline behavior or import additional pipeline configuration.


You can set global defaults for some keywords. Jobs that do not define one or more of the listed keywords use the value defined in the default section.

Keyword type: Global keyword.

Possible inputs: These keywords can have custom defaults:

Example of default: