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Internal Slack Channels

Reference Implementations / Guides

Gusto / RubyAtScale:


Domain-Driven Rails / Rails Event Store:

Rails Event Store is relevant because it is a mechanism to achieve many of the goals discussed here, and is based upon patterns used by Arkency to build production applications.

This doesn’t mean we need to use this specific framework or approach.

However, the general concepts of DDD/ES/CQRS are important and in some cases maybe necessary to achieve the goals of this blueprint, so it’s useful to have concrete production-proven implementations of those concepts to look at as an example.

App Continuum:

An illustration of how an application can evolve from a small, unstructured app, through various stages including a modular well-structured monolith, all the way to a microservices architecture.

Includes discussion of why you might want to stop at various stages, and specifically the challenges/concerns with making the jump to microservices, and why sticking with a well-structured monolith may be preferable in many cases.