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proposed @shinya.maeda @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @stanhu @pwietchner @oregand @tlinz devops ai-powered 2024-01-25

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for GitLab Duo on self-managed

RAG is an application architecture used to provide knowledge to a large language model that doesn’t exist in its training set, so that it can use that knowledge to answer user questions. To learn more about RAG, see RAG for GitLab.

Goals of this blueprint

This blueprint aims to drive a decision for a RAG solution for GitLab Duo on self-managed, specifically for shipping GitLab Duo with access to GitLab documentation. We outline three potential solutions, including PoCs for each to demonstrate feasibility for this use case.


  • The solution must be viable for self-managed customers to run and maintain
  • The solution must be shippable in 1-2 milestones
  • The solution should be low-lock-in, since we are still determining our long term technical solution(s) for RAG at GitLab

Proposals for GitLab Duo Chat RAG for GitLab documentation

The following solutions have been proposed and evaluated for the GitLab Duo Chat for GitLab documentation use case:

You can read more about how each evaluatoin was conducted in the links above.

Chosen solution

Vertex AI Search is going to be implemented due to the low lock-in and being able to reach customers quickly. It could be moved over to another solution in the future.