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GitLab CI Events Proposal 2: Using the rules keyword

Can we do it with our current rules system?

    - events: ["package/*"]

  script: echo testing published package
    - events: ["package/published"]

  script: echo testing removed package
    - events: ["package/removed"]
  1. We don’t upsert anything to the database.
  2. We’ll have a single worker which subcribes to events like store.subscribe ::Ci::CreatePipelineFromEventWorker, to: ::Issues::CreatedEvent.
  3. The worker just runs Ci::CreatePipelineService with the correct parameters, the rest will be handled by the rules system. Of course, we’ll need modifications to the rules system to support events.

Problems & Questions

  1. For every defined event run, we need to enqueue a new Ci::CreatePipelineFromEventWorker job.
  2. The worker will need to run Ci::CreatePipelineService for every event run. This may be costly because we go through every cycle of Ci::CreatePipelineService.
  3. This would be highly inefficient.
  4. Can we move the existing workflows into the new CI events, for example, merge_request_event?