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GitLab CI Events Proposal 1: Using the .gitlab-ci.yml file

Currently, we have two proof-of-concept (POC) implementations:

They both have similar ideas;

  1. Find a new CI Config syntax to define the pipeline events.

    Example 1:

         - events/package/published
     # or
         - events/package/published

    Example 2:

         - events/package/published
         - events/package/removed
       # on:
       #   package: [published, removed]
       script: echo "Hello World"
  2. Upsert an event to the database when creating a pipeline.
  3. Create EventStore subscriptions to handle the events.

Problems & Questions

  1. The CI config of a project can be anything;
    • .gitlab-ci.yml by default
    • another file in the project
    • another file in another project
    • completely a remote/external file

    How do we handle these cases?

  2. Since we have these problems above, should we keep the events in its own file? (.gitlab-ci-events.yml)
  3. Do we only accept the changes in the main branch?
  4. We try to create event subscriptions every time a pipeline is created.
  5. Can we move the existing workflows into the new CI events, for example, merge_request_event?