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Cloud Connector ADR 001: Load balancer as single entry point


The original iteration of the blueprint suggested to stand up a dedicated Cloud Connector edge service, through which all traffic that uses features under the Cloud Connector umbrella would pass.

The primary reasons for why we wanted this to be a dedicated service were to:

  1. Provide a single entry point for customers. We identified the ability for any GitLab instance around the world to consume Cloud Connector features through a single endpoint such as as a must-have property.
  2. Have the ability to execute custom logic. There was a desire from product to create a space where we can run cross-cutting business logic such as application-level rate limiting, which is hard or impossible to do using a traditional load balancer such as HAProxy.


We decided to take a smaller incremental step toward having a “smart router” by focusing on the ability to provide a single endpoint through which Cloud Connector traffic enters our infrastructure. This can be accomplished using simpler means than deploying dedicated services, specifically by pulling in a load balancing layer listening at that can also perform simple routing tasks to forward traffic into feature backends.

Our reasons for this decision were:

  1. Unclear requirements for custom logic to run. We are still exploring how and to what extent we would apply rate limiting logic at the Cloud Connector level. This is being explored in issue 429592. Because we need to have a single entry point by January, and because we think we will not be ready by then to implement such logic at the Cloud Connector level, a web service is not required yet.
  2. New use cases found that are not suitable to run through a dedicated service. We started to work with the Observability group to see how we can bring the GitLab Observability Backend (GOB) to Cloud Connector customers in MR 131577. In this discussion it became clear that due to the large amounts of traffic and data volume passing through GOB each day, putting another service in front of this stack does not provide a sensible risk/benefit trade-off. Instead, we will probably split traffic and make Cloud Connector components available through other means for special cases like these (for example, through a Cloud Connector library).

We are exploring several options for load-balancing this new endpoint in issue 429818 and are working with the Infrastructure:Foundations team to deploy this in issue 24711.


We have not yet discarded the plan to build a smart router eventually, either as a service or through other means, but have delayed this decision in face of uncertainty at both a product and technical level. We will reassess how to proceed in Q1 2024.