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implemented @ayufan @fabiopitino @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek @dhershkovitch @marknuzzo devops verify 2022-09-14

CI/CD Catalog


The goal of the CI/CD pipeline components catalog is to make the reusing pipeline configurations easier and more efficient. Providing a way to discover, understand and learn how to reuse pipeline constructs allows for a more streamlined experience. Having a CI/CD pipeline components catalog also sets a framework for users to collaborate on pipeline constructs so that they can be evolved and improved over time.

This design doc used to define the architectural guidelines on how to build a CI/CD catalog of pipeline components. Since we’ve done it, you can find a link to the official user documentation below along with the historic content of the document.

For more information on the feature, see the CI/CD Components documentation.

The archived version of the blueprint file can be found here.



Role Who
Author Fabio Pitino
Engineering Leaders Cheryl Li, Mark Nuzzo
Product Manager Dov Hershkovitch
Architecture Evolution Coaches Kamil Trzciński, Grzegorz Bizon


Role Who
Leadership Mark Nuzzo
Product Dov Hershkovitch
Engineering Fabio Pitino
UX Sunjung Park

Domain experts:

Area Who
Verify / Pipeline authoring Avielle Wolfe
Verify / Pipeline authoring Laura Montemayor