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Diagrams used in Cells are created with

Edit existing diagrams

Load the .drawio.png or .drawio.svg file directly into, which you can use in several ways:

Create a diagram

To create a diagram from a file:

  1. Copy existing file and rename it. Ensure that the extension is .drawio.png or .drawio.svg.
  2. Edit the diagram.
  3. Save the file.

To create a diagram from scratch using desktop:

  1. In File > New > Create new diagram, select Blank diagram.
  2. In File > Save As, select Editable Bitmap .png, and save with .drawio.png extension.
  3. To improve image quality, in File > Properties, set Zoom to 400%.
  4. To save the file with the new zoom setting, select File > Save.

DO NOT use the File > Export function. The diagram should be embedded into .png for easy editing.