Architecture at GitLab


At GitLab, everyone can contribute, including to our design docs.

If you would like to contribute to any of these documents, feel free to:

  1. Go to the source files in the repository and select the design doc you wish to contribute to.
  2. Create a merge request.
  3. @ message both an author and a coach assigned to the design document, as listed below.
Status Title Authors Coach Owning Stage Created
ongoing Pipeline Mini Graph @bsandlin @ntepluhina devops verify 2024-05-27
ongoing GitLab Duo Workflow @DylanGriffith @mikolaj_wawrzyniak devops create 2024-05-17
ongoing Repository X-Ray RAG @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @N/A devops create 2024-04-23
proposed Self-Hosted Model Deployment @sean_carroll @jessieay devops ai-powered 2024-03-29
proposed Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for GitLab @bvenker @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @stanhu devops data stores 2024-02-20
proposed AutoFlow - workflows for automation @ash2k @ntepluhina @grzesiek devops deploy 2024-02-16
proposed Automate CustomersDot Plan management @vshumilo @vitallium devops fulfillment 2024-02-07
ongoing Disaster Recovery @jarv 2024-01-29
proposed Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for GitLab Duo on self-managed @shinya.maeda @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @stanhu devops ai-powered 2024-01-25
ongoing CI/CD Build Speed @grzesiek @grzesiek 2024-01-12
ongoing Delegating CSS utility classes generation to Tailwind CSS @peterhegman @svedova @pgascouvaillancourt devops manage 2023-12-21
proposed Database read model for Security policies @mcavoj @ "devops govern" 2023-12-07
proposed Support GCP Secrets Manager for CI External Secrets @alberts-gitlab @grzesiek devops verify 2023-11-29
ongoing Pipeline Execution Policy @Andysoiron @g.hickman @mcavoj @fabiopitino devops govern 2023-11-23
proposed Feature Flags usage in GitLab development and operations @rymai @DylanGriffith devops non_devops 2023-11-01
proposed GitLab Observability - Logging @vespian_gl @mappelman monitor observability 2023-10-29
ongoing Google Cloud Platform Integration @sgoldstein @jessieay @grzesiek section ops 2023-10-26
implemented GitLab Housekeeper - automating merge requests @DylanGriffith devops tenant scale 2023-10-18
proposed Align CustomersDot Orders with Zuora Orders @tyleramos @fabiopitino devops fulfillment 2023-10-12
proposed Reusable Rapid Diffs (RRD) @patrickbajao @igor.drozdov @jerasmus @iamphill @slashmanov @psjakubowska @thomasrandolph @ntepluhina devops create 2023-10-10
implemented Cloud Connector architecture evolution @mkaeppler @ayufan devops data stores 2023-09-28
proposed ActivityPub support @oelmekki @jpcyiza @tkuah 2023-09-12
ongoing GitLab Observability in and Self-Managed GitLab Instances @mappelman devops monitor 2023-09-11
implemented Capacity planning for GitLab Dedicated @abrandl @andrewn 2023-09-11
proposed Transfer data @vyaklushin @andrewn @grzesiek group source_code 2023-09-07
proposed Google Artifact Registry Integration @jdrpereira @10io @grzesiek devops package 2023-08-31
proposed Step Runner for executing GitLab Steps @ayufan @josephburnett @grzegorz devops verify 2023-08-23
proposed Services @nagyv-gitlab @grzesiek devops deploy 2023-08-18
proposed GitLab Secrets Manager @alberts-gitlab @iamricecake @grzesiek @fabiopitino devops verify 2023-08-07
proposed Utilize bundle-uri to reduce Gitaly CPU load @toon @ devops systems 2023-08-04
ongoing Runway: A PaaS for GitLab @igorwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @ggillies @andrewn 2023-07-31
ongoing SSH certificates @igor.drozdov @stanhu devops create 2023-07-28
ongoing AI-gateway @reprazent @andrewn @stanhu devops modelops 2023-07-14
proposed Distributed Tracing Feature @mappelman devops monitor 2023-06-20
proposed Gitaly - Handle upload-pack traffic in a pure HTTP/2 server @qmnguyen0711 devops enablement 2023-06-15
proposed Container registry self-managed database rollout @hswimelar @grzesiek devops package 2023-06-09
proposed Replace `mail_room` email ingestion with scheduled Sidekiq jobs @msaleiko @stanhu 2023-06-05
proposed Gitaly Adaptive Concurrency Limit @qmnguyen0711 devops enablement 2023-05-30
ongoing Transaction management in Gitaly @samihiltunen devops enablement 2023-05-30
proposed GitLab Modular Monolith @grzesiek @fabiopitino 2023-05-22
proposed Offload data to cheaper storage @jcai-gitlab @toon devops systems 2023-05-19
proposed Future of CI Pipeline Processing @furkanayhan @ayufan devops verify 2023-05-15
proposed Repository Backups @proglottis @DylanGriffith devops systems 2023-04-26
proposed GitLab Service-Integration: AI and Beyond @andrewn @grzesiek 2023-04-13
ongoing Organization @lohrc @alexpooley @ayufan devops data stores 2023-04-05
proposed Iterate on the design of object pools @pks-gitlab devops systems 2023-03-30
proposed GitLab CI Events @furkanayhan @grzesiek devops verify 2023-03-15
proposed Permissions Changes required to enable Custom Roles @jessieay @jarka @grzesiek devops manage 2023-03-10
proposed GitLab Runner Admissions Controller @ajwalker @johnwparent @ayufan devops 2023-03-07
proposed GitLab Events Platform @grzesiek @fabiopitino @ayufan devops ops section 2023-03-06
proposed Merge Model experiments into Model registry @eduardobonet @shekharpatnaik devops data science 2023-03-04
proposed Consider an abstraction layer to interact with ClickHouse or alternatives @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @jdrpereira @pskorupa @DylanGriffith workinggroup clickhouse 2023-02-23
proposed ClickHouse Usage at GitLab @nhxnguyen @grzesiek devops data stores 2023-02-02
proposed Gitaly Plugins @samihiltunen devops enablement 2023-02-01
proposed CI Builds and Runner Fleet metrics database architecture @pedropombeiro @vshushlin @grzesiek 2023-01-25
proposed Scalable data ingestion abstraction for ClickHouse @ankitbhatnagar @ahegyi @mikolaj_wawrzyniak @grzesiek workinggroup clickhouse 2023-01-10
ongoing Use Zoekt For code search @dgruzd @DylanGriffith @DylanGriffith devops enablement 2022-12-28
ongoing Secret Detection as a platform-wide experience @theoretick @vbhat161 @ahmed.hemdan @theoretick devops secure 2022-11-25
implemented View and manage resources deployed by GitLab agent For Kubernetes @shinya.maeda @DylanGriffith devops deploy 2022-11-23
ongoing Remote development @vtak @grzesiek devops create 2022-11-15
proposed GitLab Observability - Metrics @ankitbhatnagar @mappelman monitor observability 2022-11-09
ongoing Next GitLab Runner Token Architecture @pedropombeiro @tmaczukin @ayufan devops verify 2022-10-27
accepted Work Items @ntepluhina @ayufan devops plan 2022-09-28
implemented CI/CD Catalog @ayufan @fabiopitino @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek devops verify 2022-09-14
accepted Next Rate Limiting Architecture @grzesiek @marshall007 @fabiopitino @hswimelar @andrewn devops enablement 2022-09-08
ongoing Cells @ayufan @fzimmer @DylanGriffith @lohrc @tkuah @ayufan devops data stores 2022-09-07
ongoing Next Runner Auto-scaling Architecture @grzesiek @tmaczukin @josephburnett @ayufan @grzesiek devops verify 2022-01-19
accepted Object storage: `direct_upload` consolidation @nolith @glopezfernandez devops data stores 2021-11-18
ongoing CI/CD data time decay @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek devops verify 2021-09-10
rejected Composable GitLab Codebase @ayufan @mkaeppler @glopezfernandez devops non_devops 2021-05-19
implemented Database Testing @abrandl @glopezfernandez devops data stores 2021-02-08
ongoing Consolidating Groups and Projects @alexpooley @ifarkas @grzesiek devops data stores 2021-02-07
ongoing CI/CD Scaling @grzesiek @grzesiek devops verify 2021-01-21
accepted GraphQL API @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek devops manage 2021-01-07
implemented GitLab to Kubernetes communication @ash2k @andrewn devops configure 2020-12-03
implemented Image resizing for avatars and content images @craig-gomes @ayufan devops non_devops 2020-10-21
implemented Container registry metadata database @jdrpereira @glopezfernandez devops package 2020-09-29
implemented Cloud Native Build Logs @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek devops release 2020-08-26
implemented Development Feature Flags Architecture @ayufan @glopezfernandez devops non_devops 2020-06-10
implemented GitLab Pages New Architecture @grzesiek @ayufan @grzesiek devops release 2019-05-16