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Contribution Analytics (EE only)

Note: This feature was introduced in GitLab EE 8.3.

With contribution analytics you can have an overview for the activity of issues, merge requests and push events of your organization and its members.

The analytics page is located at Group > Contribution Analytics under the URL /groups/<groupname>/analytics.

The time period on which the analytics depend on, is spanned in three sections: last week, last month and last three months. You can choose which one to display by using the dropdown calendar menu in the upper right corner.

Contribution analytics choose period

There are three main bar graphs that are deducted from the number of contributions per group member. These contributions include push events, merge requests and closed issues. Hovering on each bar you can see the number of events for a specific member.

Below is an example of the push events of the gitlab-org group.

Contribution analytics bar graphs

Apart from the bar graphs you can also see the contributions per group member which are depicted in a table that can be sorted by:

Contribution analytics contributions table