GitLab instance administration project

Note: This feature is available behind a feature flag called self_monitoring_project since 12.7. The feature flag will be removed once we add dashboards to display metrics.

GitLab has been adding the ability for administrators to see insights into the health of their GitLab instance. In order to surface this experience in a native way, similar to how you would interact with an application deployed via GitLab, a base project called “GitLab Instance Administration” with internal visibility will be added under a group called “GitLab Instance Administrators” specifically created for visualizing and configuring the monitoring of your GitLab instance.

All administrators at the time of creation of the project and group will be added as maintainers of the group and project, and as an admin, you’ll be able to add new members to the group in order to give them maintainer access to the project.

This project will be used for self-monitoring your GitLab instance.

Connection to Prometheus

The project will be automatically configured to connect to the internal Prometheus instance if the Prometheus instance is present (should be the case if GitLab was installed via Omnibus and you haven’t disabled it).

If that’s not the case or if you have an external Prometheus instance or an HA setup, you should configure it manually.

Taking action on Prometheus alerts

You can add a webhook to the Prometheus config in order for GitLab to receive notifications of any alerts.

Once the webhook is setup, you can take action on incoming alerts.