GitLab Operator

GitLab Operator is an implementation of the Operator pattern for managing the lifecycle and upgrades of a GitLab instance. The GitLab Operator strengthens the support of OpenShift from GitLab, but is intended to be as native to Kubernetes as for OpenShift. The GitLab Operator provides a method of synchronizing and controlling various stages of cloud-native GitLab installation/upgrade procedures. Using the Operator provides the ability to perform rolling upgrades with minmal down time. The first goal is to support OpenShift, the subsequent goal will be for automation of day 2 operations like upgrades as noted.

caution This functionality was Alpha and marked experimental. It is now deprecated.

The prior GitLab Operator was developed, but never passed alpha status or recommended for use. That operator is now deprecated, should not be used, and will be removed in the future.

A new GitLab Operator is currently in development and has been released into beta. More information can be found in this epic, and the documentation can be found in the GitLab Operator repo.

Additionally, a GitLab Runner-specific Operator is generally available, allowing users to easily run GitLab CI jobs in OpenShift.