ClickHouse database

The GitLab chart can be configured to set up GitLab with an external ClickHouse database via the HTTP interface. Required parameters:

Parameter Description
global.clickhouse.main.url URL for the database
global.clickhouse.main.username Database Username
global.clickhouse.main.password.secret Name of the configured secret
global.clickhouse.main.password.key Which key to use as the password within the secret
global.clickhouse.main.database Database name
Using ClickHouse is intended for experimenting and testing purposes only at the moment.

Configuring the password

The password can be set manually using the kubectl CLI tool:

kubectl create secret generic gitlab-clickhouse-password --from-literal="main_password=PASSWORD_HERE"

Starting a chart with ClickHouse

You can fill in the details related to the ClickHouse server in the examples/kind/enable-clickhouse.yaml file.

Start the chart:

helm upgrade --install gitlab . \
  --timeout 600s \
  --set global.image.pullPolicy=Always \
  --set \
  --set global.hosts.externalIP=YOUR_IP \
  -f examples/kind/values-base.yaml \
  -f examples/kind/values-no-ssl.yaml \
  -f examples/clickhouse/enable-clickhouse.yaml