Using HAProxy

Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering: Self-managed

The HAProxy Helm Chart can replace the bundled NGINX Helm chart as the Ingress controller, and is documented in Kubernetes’ list of additional Ingress controllers.

HAProxy will also support Git over SSH.

We default to NGINX mostly due to historical experience with the tool, but HAProxy is a valid alternative that may be preferable to those who have more experience with HAProxy specifically. Additionally, it offers FIPS compliance while the NGINX Ingress controller currently does not.

Configuring HAProxy

See the HAProxy Helm chart documentation or the Helm values file. for configuration details.

See the HAProxy example configuration for detailed YAML for values tested with the GitLab Helm Charts.

Global Settings

We share some common global settings among our charts. See the Global Ingress documentation for common configuration options, such as GitLab and Registry hostnames.

FIPS-compliant HAProxy

HAProxy Enterprise provides FIPS compliance. Note that HAProxy Enterprise requires a license.

Following are links for more information on HAProxy Enterprise: