Using certmanager-issuer for CertManager Issuer creation

This chart is a helper for Jetstack’s CertManager Helm chart. It automatically provisions an Issuer object, used by CertManager when requesting TLS certificates for GitLab Ingresses.


We describe all the major sections of the configuration below. When configuring from the parent chart, these values are:

  # Configure an ACME Issuer in cert-manager. Only used if global.ingress.configureCertmanager is true.

  # Provide an email to associate with your TLS certificates
  # email:

    create: true

      cpu: 50m

  # Priority class assigned to pods
  priorityClassName: ""

    labels: {}

Installation parameters

This table contains all the possible charts configurations that can be supplied to the helm install command using the --set flags:

server’s Encrypt server for use with the ACME CertManager Issuer.
email You must provide an email to associate with your TLS certificates. Let’s Encrypt uses this address to contact you about expiring certificates, and issues related to your account.
rbac.createtrueWhen true, creates RBAC-related resources to allow for manipulation of CertManager Issuer objects.
resources.requests.cpu50mRequested CPU resources for the Issuer creation Job.
common.labels Common labels to apply to the ServiceAccount, Job, ConfigMap, and Issuer.
priorityClassName  Priority class assigned to pods.