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File Storage in GitLab

We use the CarrierWave gem to handle file upload, store and retrieval.

There are many places where file uploading is used, according to contexts:

Disk storage

GitLab started saving everything on local disk. While directory location changed from previous versions, they are still not 100% standardized. You can see them below:

Description In DB? Relative path Uploader class model_type
Instance logo yes uploads/-/system/appearance/logo/:id/:filename AttachmentUploader Appearance
Header logo yes uploads/-/system/appearance/header_logo/:id/:filename AttachmentUploader Appearance
Group avatars yes uploads/-/system/group/avatar/:id/:filename AvatarUploader Group
User avatars yes uploads/-/system/user/avatar/:id/:filename AvatarUploader User
User snippet attachments yes uploads/-/system/personal_snippet/:id/:random_hex/:filename PersonalFileUploader Snippet
Project avatars yes uploads/-/system/project/avatar/:id/:filename AvatarUploader Project
Issues/MR Markdown attachments yes uploads/:project_path_with_namespace/:random_hex/:filename FileUploader Project
Issues/MR Legacy Markdown attachments no uploads/-/system/note/attachment/:id/:filename AttachmentUploader Note
CI Artifacts (CE) yes shared/artifacts/:year_:month/:project_id/:id ArtifactUploader Ci::Build
LFS Objects (CE) yes shared/lfs-objects/:hex/:hex/:object_hash LfsObjectUploader LfsObject

CI Artifacts and LFS Objects behave differently in CE and EE. In CE they inherit the GitlabUploader while in EE they inherit the ObjectStoreUploader and store files in and S3 API compatible object store.

In the case of Issues/MR Markdown attachments, there is a different approach using the Hashed Storage layout, instead of basing the path into a mutable variable :project_path_with_namespace, it's possible to use the hash of the project ID instead, if project migrates to the new approach (introduced in 10.2).