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Validate the .gitlab-ci.yml (API)

Introduced in GitLab 8.12.

Checks if your .gitlab-ci.yml file is valid.

POST /lint
Attribute Type Required Description
content string yes the .gitlab-ci.yaml content
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"content": "{ \"image\": \"ruby:2.1\", \"services\": [\"postgres\"], \"before_script\": [\"gem install bundler\", \"bundle install\", \"bundle exec rake db:create\"], \"variables\": {\"DB_NAME\": \"postgres\"}, \"types\": [\"test\", \"deploy\", \"notify\"], \"rspec\": { \"script\": \"rake spec\", \"tags\": [\"ruby\", \"postgres\"], \"only\": [\"branches\"]}}"}'

Be sure to copy paste the exact contents of .gitlab-ci.yml as YAML is very picky about indentation and spaces.

Example responses: