Use GitLab

Get to know the GitLab end-to-end workflow. Configure permissions, organize your work, create and secure your application, and analyze its performance. Report on team productivity throughout the process.

Learn Git

Common commands and workflows.
Set up your organization

Users, groups, namespaces, SSH keys.
Organize work with projects

Project visibility, search, badges, layout.
Plan and track work

Epics, issues, milestones, labels.
Manage your code

Repositories, merge requests, remote development.
Use CI/CD to build your application

Runners, jobs, pipelines, variables.
Secure your application

Container, dependency, and vulnerability scans.
Deploy and release your application

Environments, packages, review apps, GitLab Pages.
Monitor application performance

Error tracking, incident management.
Monitor runner usage

Prometheus metrics
Manage your infrastructure

Terraform and Kubernetes deployments.
Analyze GitLab usage

Instance, group, and project analytics.