Advanced Search syntax

With Advanced Search, you can perform a thorough search of your entire GitLab instance.

The Advanced Search syntax supports fuzzy or exact search queries with prefixes, boolean operators, and more. Advanced Search uses Elasticsearch’s syntax.

Advanced Search searches default project branches only.
Use Description Example
" Exact search "gem sidekiq"
| Or display | banner
+ And display +banner
- Exclude display -banner
* Partial bug error 50*
\ Escape \*md
Use Description Example
filename: Filename filename:*spec.rb
path: Repository location path:spec/workers/
extension: File extension, without the . extension:js
blob: Git object ID blob:998707*

extension and blob return exact matches only.


Example Description
rails -filename:gemfile.lock Show rails in all files except the gemfile.lock file.
RSpec.describe Resolvers -*builder Show all RSpec.describe Resolvers that don’t start with builder.
bug | (display +banner) Show bug or display and banner.