Deprecated feature removal schedule

This page contains information related to upcoming products, features, and functionality. It is important to note that the information presented is for informational purposes only. Please do not rely on this information for purchasing or planning purposes. As with all projects, the items mentioned on this page are subject to change or delay. The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remain at the sole discretion of GitLab Inc.


Rename Task Runner pod to Toolbox

The Task Runner pod is used to execute periodic housekeeping tasks within the GitLab application and is often confused with the GitLab Runner. Thus, Task Runner will be renamed to Toolbox.

This will result in the rename of the sub-chart: gitlab/task-runner to gitlab/toolbox. Resulting pods will be named along the lines of {{ .Release.Name }}-toolbox, which will often be gitlab-toolbox. They will be locatable with the label app=toolbox.

Announced: 2021-08-22


Release CLI be distributed as a generic package

The release-cli will be released as a generic package starting in GitLab 14.2. We will continue to deploy it as a binary to S3 until GitLab 14.5 and stop distributing it in S3 in GitLab 14.6.

Announced: 2021-08-22


openSUSE Leap 15.2 packages

Distribution support and security updates for openSUSE Leap 15.2 are ending December 2021.

Starting in 14.5 we are providing packages for openSUSE Leap 15.3, and will stop providing packages for openSUSE Leap 15.2 in the 14.8 milestone.

Announced: 2021-11-22


Audit events for repository push events

Audit events for repository events are now deprecated and will be removed in GitLab 15.0.

These events have always been disabled by default and had to be manually enabled with a feature flag. Enabling them can cause too many events to be generated which can dramatically slow down GitLab instances. For this reason, they are being removed.

Announced: 2021-09-22

Certificate-based integration with Kubernetes

We are deprecating the certificate-based integration with Kubernetes. The timeline of removal of the integration from the product is not yet planned and we will communicate more details as they emerge. The certificate-based integration will continue to receive security and critical fixes, and features built on the integration will continue to work with supported Kubernetes versions. We will provide migration plans in a future iteration. See the list of features affected by this deprecation. For updates and details, follow this epic.

For a more robust, secure, forthcoming, and reliable integration with Kubernetes, we recommend the use of the Kubernetes Agent to connect Kubernetes clusters with GitLab.

Announced: 2021-11-15

Converting an instance (shared) runner to a project (specific) runner is deprecated

In GitLab 15.0, we will remove the feature that enables you to convert an instance (shared) runner to a project (specific) runner. Users who need to add a runner to only a particular project can register a runner to the project directly.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Deprecate Versions on base PackageType

As part of the work to create a Package Registry GraphQL API, the Package group deprecated the Version type for the basic PackageType type and moved it to PackageDetailsType.

In milestone 15.0, we will completely remove Version from PackageType.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Deprecate support for SLES 12 SP2

Long term service and support (LTSS) for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP2 ended on March 31, 2021. The CA certificates on SP2 include the expired DST root certificate, and it’s not getting new CA certificate package updates. We have implemented some workarounds, but we will not be able to continue to keep the build running properly.

Announced: 2021-11-22

GitLab Serverless

GitLab Serverless is a feature set to support Knative-based serverless development with automatic deployments and monitoring.

We decided to remove the GitLab Serverless features as they never really resonated with our users. Besides, given the continuous development of Kubernetes and Knative, our current implementations do not even work with recent versions.

Announced: 2021-09-22

Known host required for GitLab Runner SSH executor

In GitLab 14.3, we added a configuration setting in the GitLab Runner config.toml file. This setting, [runners.ssh.disable_strict_host_key_checking], controls whether or not to use strict host key checking with the SSH executor.

In GitLab 15.0 and later, the default value for this configuration option will change from true to false. This means that strict host key checking will be enforced when using the GitLab Runner SSH executor.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Legacy database configuration

The syntax of GitLabs database configuration located in database.yml is changing and the legacy format is deprecated. The legacy format supported using a single PostgreSQL adapter, whereas the new format is changing to support multiple databases. The main: database needs to be defined as a first configuration item.

This deprecation mainly impacts users compiling GitLab from source because Omnibus will handle this configuration automatically.

Announced: 2021-09-22

NFS for Git repository storage deprecated

With the general availability of Gitaly Cluster (introduced in GitLab 13.0), we have deprecated development (bugfixes, performance improvements, etc) for NFS for Git repository storage in GitLab 14.0. We will continue to provide technical support for NFS for Git repositories throughout 14.x, but we will remove all support for NFS in GitLab 15.0. Please see our official Statement of Support for further information.

Gitaly Cluster offers tremendous benefits for our customers such as:

We encourage customers currently using NFS for Git repositories to plan their migration by reviewing our documentation on migrating to Gitaly Cluster.

Announced: 2021-06-22

OmniAuth Kerberos gem

The omniauth-kerberos gem will be removed in our next major release, GitLab 15.0.

This gem has not been maintained and has very little usage. We therefore plan to remove support for this authentication method and recommend using the Kerberos SPNEGO integration instead. You can follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade from the omniauth-kerberos integration to the supported one.

Note that we are not deprecating the Kerberos SPNEGO integration, only the old password-based Kerberos integration.

Announced: 2021-09-22

Package pipelines in API payload is paginated

A request to the API for /api/v4/projects/:id/packages returns a paginated result of packages. Each package lists all of its pipelines in this response. This is a performance concern, as it’s possible for a package to have hundreds or thousands of associated pipelines.

In milestone 15.0, we will remove the pipelines attribute from the API response.

Announced: 2021-11-22

REST API Runner will not contain paused

Runner REST API will not return paused as a status in GitLab 15.0.

Paused runners’ status will only relate to runner contact status, such as: online, offline, or not_connected. Status paused will not appear when the runner is not active.

When checking if a runner is paused, API users are advised to check the boolean attribute active to be false instead.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Removal of promote-db command from gitlab-ctl

In GitLab 14.5, we introduced the command gitlab-ctl promote to promote any Geo secondary node to a primary during a failover. This command replaces gitlab-ctl promote-db which is used to promote database nodes in multi-node Geo secondary sites. gitlab-ctl promote-db will continue to function as-is and be available until GitLab 15.0. We recommend that Geo customers begin testing the new gitlab-ctl promote command in their staging environments and incorporating the new command in their failover procedures.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Removal of promote-to-primary-node command from gitlab-ctl

In GitLab 14.5, we introduced the command gitlab-ctl promote to promote any Geo secondary node to a primary during a failover. This command replaces gitlab-ctl promote-to-primary-node which was only usable for single-node Geo sites. gitlab-ctl promote-to-primary-node will continue to function as-is and be available until GitLab 15.0. We recommend that Geo customers begin testing the new gitlab-ctl promote command in their staging environments and incorporating the new command in their failover procedures.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Remove the :dependency_proxy_for_private_groups feature flag

We added a feature flag because GitLab-#11582 changed how public groups use the Dependency Proxy. Prior to this change, you could use the Dependency Proxy without authentication. The change requires authentication to use the Dependency Proxy.

In milestone 15.0, we will remove the feature flag entirely. Moving forward, you must authenticate when using the Dependency Proxy.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Remove the pipelines field from the version field

In GraphQL, there are two pipelines fields that you can use in a PackageDetailsType to get the pipelines for package versions:

  • The versions field’s pipelines field. This returns all the pipelines associated with all the package’s versions, which can pull an unbounded number of objects in memory and create performance concerns.
  • The pipelines field of a specific version. This returns only the pipelines associated with that single package version.

To mitigate possible performance problems, we will remove the versions field’s pipelines field in milestone 15.0. Although you will no longer be able to get all pipelines for all versions of a package, you can still get the pipelines of a single version through the remaining pipelines field for that version.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Update to the Container Registry group-level API

In milestone 15.0, support for the tags and tags_count parameters will be removed from the Container Registry API that gets registry repositories from a group.

The GET /groups/:id/registry/repositories endpoint will remain, but won’t return any info about tags. To get the info about tags, you can use the existing GET /registry/repositories/:id endpoint, which will continue to support the tags and tag_count options as it does today. The latter must be called once per image repository.

Announced: 2021-11-22

Value Stream Analytics filtering calculation change

We are changing how the date filter works in Value Stream Analytics. Instead of filtering by the time that the issue or merge request was created, the date filter will filter by the end event time of the given stage. This will result in completely different figures after this change has rolled out.

If you monitor Value Stream Analytics metrics and rely on the date filter, to avoid losing data, you must save the data prior to this change.

Announced: 2021-11-22

AuthenticationType for [runners.cache.s3] must be explicitly assigned

In GitLab 15.0 and later, to access the AWS S3 cache, you must specify the AuthenticationType for [runners.cache.s3]. The AuthenticationType must be IAM or credentials.

Prior to 14.5, if you did not define the AuthenticationType, GitLab Runner chose a type for you.

Announced: 2021-11-22

defaultMergeCommitMessageWithDescription GraphQL API field will be removed in GitLab 15.0

The GraphQL API field defaultMergeCommitMessageWithDescription has been deprecated and will be removed in GitLab 15.0. For projects with a commit message template set, it will ignore the template.

Announced: 2021-11-22