Import your project from FogBugz to GitLab

Using the importer, you can import your FogBugz project to or to your self-managed GitLab instance.

The importer imports all of your cases and comments with the original case numbers and timestamps. You can also map FogBugz users to GitLab users.

To import your project from FogBugz:

  1. From your GitLab dashboard, select New project.
  2. Select the FogBugz button. FogBugz
  3. Enter your FogBugz URL, email address, and password. Login
  4. Create a mapping from FogBugz users to GitLab users. User Map
  5. Select Import for the projects you want to import. Import Project
  6. After the import finishes, click the link to go to the project dashboard. Follow the directions to push your existing repository. Finished