ZenTao product integration

ZenTao is a web-based project management platform.

Configure ZenTao

This integration requires a ZenTao API secret key.

Complete these steps in ZenTao:

  1. Go to your Admin page and select Develop > Application.
  2. Select Add Application.
  3. Under Name and Code, enter a name and a code for the new secret key.
  4. Under Account, select an existing account name.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Copy the generated key to use in GitLab.

Configure GitLab

Complete these steps in GitLab:

  1. Go to your project and select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select ZenTao.
  3. Turn on the Active toggle under Enable Integration.
  4. Provide the ZenTao configuration information:
    • ZenTao Web URL: The base URL of the ZenTao instance web interface you’re linking to this GitLab project (for example, example.zentao.net).
    • ZenTao API URL (optional): The base URL to the ZenTao instance API. Defaults to the Web URL value if not set.
    • ZenTao API token: Use the key you generated when you configured ZenTao.
    • ZenTao Product ID: To display issues from a single ZenTao product in a given GitLab project. The Product ID can be found in the ZenTao product page under Settings > Overview.

    ZenTao settings page

  5. To verify the ZenTao connection is working, select Test settings.
  6. Select Save changes.