Kubernetes clusters

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We offer extensive integrations to help you connect and manage your Kubernetes clusters from GitLab.

Read through this document to get started.

Benefit from the GitLab-Kubernetes integration

Using the GitLab-Kubernetes integration, you can benefit of GitLab features such as:

Supported cluster versions

See the Kubernetes clusters versions supported by GitLab.

Connect your cluster to GitLab

Learn how to create new and connect existing clusters to GitLab.

Cluster integrations

See the available cluster integrations to integrate third-party applications with your clusters through GitLab.

Cluster management project

Attach a Cluster management project to your cluster to manage shared resources requiring cluster-admin privileges for installation, such as an Ingress controller.

GitLab-managed clusters

See how to allow GitLab to manage your cluster for you.

Auto DevOps

You can use Auto DevOps to automatically detect, build, test, deploy, and monitor your applications.

Deploying to a Kubernetes cluster

See how to deploy to your Kubernetes cluster from GitLab.

Monitoring your Kubernetes cluster

Automatically detect and monitor Kubernetes metrics. Automatic monitoring of NGINX Ingress is also supported.

Read more about Kubernetes monitoring

Visualizing cluster health

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When the Prometheus cluster integration is enabled, GitLab monitors the cluster’s health. At the top of the cluster settings page, CPU and Memory utilization is displayed, along with the total amount available. Keeping an eye on cluster resources can be important, if the cluster runs out of memory pods may be shutdown or fail to start.

Cluster Monitoring