Introduced in GitLab 14.5 with a flag named work_items. Disabled by default.

Tasks are in Alpha. Current implementation does not have any API requests and works with mocked data. For the latest updates, check the Tasks Roadmap.
On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available, ask an administrator to enable the feature flag named work_items. On GitLab.com, this feature is not available. The feature is not ready for production use.

Use tasks to track steps needed for the issue to be closed.

When planning an issue, you need a way to capture and break down technical requirements or steps necessary to complete it. An issue with related tasks is better defined, and so you can provide a more accurate issue weight and completion criteria.

Tasks are a type of work item, a step towards default issue types in GitLab. For the roadmap of migrating issues and epics to work items and adding custom work item types, visit epic 6033 or Plan direction page.

View a task

The only way to view a task is to open it with a deep link, for example: /<group_name>/<project_name>/-/work_item/1.