Cloud Native GitLab

Cloud Native GitLab provides cloud native containers to deploy GitLab. These containers may be deployed and managed via Helm using GitLab Charts or GitLab Operator on Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Kubernetes compatible container platforms:

  • Helm charts: The cloud native Helm chart installs GitLab and all of its components on Kubernetes. Use this method if your infrastructure is built on Kubernetes and you’re familiar with how it works. The methods for management, observability, and some concepts are different than traditional deployments.
  • GitLab Operator: The GitLab Operator provides an installation and management method for GitLab following the Kubernetes Operator pattern. You can also use the GitLab Operator to run GitLab in an OpenShift environment.

Here’s an overview of how the containers are built:

graph TD subgraph Code CNG --> HC CNG --> GOP HC --> GOP end subgraph Deploy GOP --> K8s GOP --> OS CNG --> DC HC --> K8s end CNG[Cloud Native GitLab containers] HC[Helm Chart] K8s(Kubernetes) GOP[GitLab Operator] OS(OpenShift) DC(Docker Compose)