Service Ping Payload drop


You will be alerted by a Sisense alert that is sent to #g_product_intelligence Slack channel

Locating the problem

First you need to identify at which stage in Service Ping data pipeline the drop is occurring.

Start at Service Ping Health Dashboard on Sisense.

The alert compares the current daily value with the daily value from previous week, excluding the last 48 hours as this is the interval where we export the data in GCP and get it into DWH.

You can use this query as an example, to start detecting when the drop started.

Troubleshooting GitLab application layer

For results about an investigation conducted into an unexpected drop in Service ping Payload events volume, see this issue.

Troubleshooting data warehouse layer

Reach out to the Data team to ask about current state of data warehouse. On their handbook page there is a section with contact details.