Our NGINX fork

Our fork of the NGINX chart was pulled from GitHub.

Adjustments to the NGINX fork

The following adjustments were made to the NGINX fork:

  • tcp-configmap.yaml: is optional depending on new tcpExternalConfig setting
  • Ability to use a templated TCP ConfigMap name from another chart
    • controller-configmap-tcp.yaml: .metadata.name is a template ingress-nginx.tcp-configmap
    • controller-deployment.yaml: .spec.template.spec.containers[0].args uses ingress-nginx.tcp-configmap template for ConfigMap name
    • GitLab chart overrides ingress-nginx.tcp-configmap so that gitlab/gitlab-org/charts/gitlab-shell can configure its TCP service
  • Ability to use a templated Ingress name based on the release name
  • Replace controller.service.loadBalancerIP with global.hosts.externalIP
  • Added support to add common labels through common.labels configuration option
  • controller-deployment.yaml:
    • Add podlabels and global.pod.labels to .spec.template.metadata.labels
  • default-backend-deployment.yaml:
    • Add podlabels and global.pod.labels to .spec.template.metadata.labels
  • Disable NGINX’s default nodeSelectors.