Code review and collaboration with Merge Requests

  • When you want feedback create a merge request
  • Target is the default branch (usually master)
  • Assign or mention the person you would like to review
  • Add [Draft] to the title if it’s a work in progress
  • When accepting, always delete the branch
  • Anyone can comment, not just the assignee
  • Push corrections to the same branch

Merge requests

Create your first merge request

  1. Use the blue button in the activity feed
  2. View the diff (changes) and leave a comment
  3. Push a new commit to the same branch
  4. Review the changes again and notice the update

Feedback and Collaboration

  • Merge requests are a time for feedback and collaboration
  • Giving feedback is hard
  • Be as kind as possible
  • Receiving feedback is hard
  • Be as receptive as possible
  • Feedback is about the best code, not the person. You are not your code

Review the Thoughtbot code-review guide for suggestions to follow when reviewing merge requests:

See GitLab merge requests for examples: