Chatops on

ChatOps on allows GitLab team members to run various automation tasks on using Slack.

Requesting access

GitLab team-members may need access to Chatops on for administration tasks such as:

  • Configuring feature flags.
  • Running EXPLAIN queries against the production replica.
  • Get deployment status of all of our environments or for a specific commit: /chatops run auto_deploy status [commit_sha]

To request access to Chatops on

  1. Log into using the same username as for (you may have to rename it).
    1. You could also use the “Sign in with” Google button to sign in, with your email address.
  2. Ask one of your team members to add you to the chatops project in Ops. They can do it by running /chatops run member add <username> gitlab-com/chatops --ops command in the #chat-ops-test Slack channel.
  3. If you had to change your username for on the first step, make sure to reflect this information on the team page.

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