Building an all-in-one GitLab Docker image locally

The GitLab all-in-one Docker image uses Ubuntu 16.04 package created by omnibus-gitlab under the hood. The files required for building Docker image can be found inside the Docker directory of omnibus-gitlab repository, except RELEASE file which needs to be compiled manually, as described below.


The details of the version of the package being used is stored in a file named RELEASE. To build your own Docker image, you should create this file with contents similar to the following


Here, RELEASE_PACKAGE specifies whether the package is a CE one or EE one. RELEASE_VERSION specifies the version of the package (13.2.0-ee, 12.9.2+rfbranch.150270.c43b3273-0, etc.). DOWNLOAD_URL specifies the URL where that package can be downloaded from.

NOTE Note: We’re looking at improving this situation, and using locally available packages in issue #5550.

Building the Docker image

To build the Docker image after populating the RELEASE file:

cd docker
docker build -t omnibus-gitlab-image:custom .

The image will be built and tagged as omnibus-gitlab-image:custom.