Irker IRC Gateway

GitLab provides a way to push update messages to an Irker server. When configured, pushes to a project trigger the service to send data directly to the Irker server.

See the project homepage for further information.

Needed setup

You first need an Irker daemon. You can download the Irker code from its repository:

git clone

Once you have downloaded the code, you can run the Python script named irkerd. This script is the gateway script, it acts both as an IRC client, for sending messages to an IRC server, and as a TCP server, for receiving messages from the GitLab service.

If the Irker server runs on the same machine, you are done. If not, you need to follow the first steps of the next section.

Complete these steps in GitLab

  1. Navigate to the project you want to configure for notifications.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page
  3. Click “Irker”.
  4. Ensure that the Active toggle is enabled.
  5. Enter the server host address where irkerd runs (defaults to localhost) in the Server host field on the Web page
  6. Enter the server port of irkerd (e.g. defaults to 6659) in the Server port field on the Web page.
  7. Optional: if Default IRC URI is set, it has to be in the format irc[s]:// and is prepended to each and every channel provided by the user which is not a full URI.
  8. Specify the recipients (e.g. #channel1, user1, etc.)
  9. Save or optionally click “Test Settings”.

Note on Irker recipients

Irker accepts channel names of the form chan and #chan, both for the #chan channel. If you want to send messages in query, you need to add ,isnick after the channel name, in this form: Aorimn,isnick. In this latter case, Aorimn is treated as a nick and no more as a channel name.

Irker can also join password-protected channels. Users need to append ?key=thesecretpassword to the channel name. When using this feature remember to not put the # sign in front of the channel name; failing to do so results in Irker joining a channel literally named #chan?key=password henceforth leaking the channel key through the /whois IRC command (depending on IRC server configuration). This is due to a long standing Irker bug.