Epic Boards

Version history
  • Introduced in GitLab 13.10.
  • It’s deployed behind a feature flag, disabled by default.
  • It’s disabled on GitLab.com.
  • It’s not recommended for production use.
  • To use it in GitLab self-managed instances, ask a GitLab administrator to enable it.
cautionThis feature might not be available to you. Check the version history note above for details.

The GitLab Epic Board is a software project management tool used to plan, organize, and visualize a workflow for a feature or product release.

Epic boards build on the existing epic tracking functionality and labels. Your epics appear as cards in vertical lists, organized by their assigned labels.

To view an epic board, in a group, select Epics > Boards.

GitLab epic board - Premium

Create an epic board

To create a new epic board:

  1. Select the dropdown with the current board name in the upper left corner of the Epic Boards page.
  2. Select Create new board.
  3. Enter the new board’s name and select Create.

Limitations of epic boards

As of GitLab 13.10, these limitations apply:

  • Epic Boards need to be enabled by an administrator.
  • Epic Boards can be created but not deleted.
  • Lists can be added to the board but not deleted.
  • There is no sidebar on the board. To edit an epic, go to the epic’s page.
  • There is no drag and drop support yet. To move an epic between lists, edit epic labels on the epic’s page.
  • Epics cannot be re-ordered within the list.

To learn more about the future iterations of this feature, visit epic 5067.

Enable or disable Epic Boards

Epic Boards are under development and not ready for production use. It is deployed behind a feature flag that is disabled by default. GitLab administrators with access to the GitLab Rails console can enable it.

To enable it:


To disable it: